Francine Maric (AKA Lady Luck HQ) and Moran are having a bit of a competition. They’re each playing a different version of a slot machine game called Cleopatra – Cleopatra 1 and Cleopatra 2. They’re betting $18 each to see which version of the game is better. Even though they’re both trying to get lucky by touching the machines, they both end up winning a bonus game but missing out on the big jackpot.


00:00 :  begins Cleopatra challenge .
02:15 : Moran joins with Cleopatra 1.
04:10 : Debate over superior Cleopatra version.
06:20 : Francine hits jackpot .
07:30 : Moran seeks tips; Francine advises.
08:30 : Francine guides Moran’s comeback.
12:10 : Quick break to regroup and discuss.
15:30 : Max bet trial increases.
16:10 : Ending Cleopatra challenge.