Join Vegas Matt and EJ as they take on the Buffalo Gold Collection slot game! They’re aiming for the 15 Buffalo heads bonus, which promises huge wins. They are on a mission to conquer the Buffalo Gold Collection slot machine! They’re chasing the lucrative 15 Buffalo heads bonus while engaging with viewer questions about their filming habits and Vegas Matt’s eclectic shirt collection. Despite setbacks, Vegas Matt remains upbeat, vowing to return for another shot at victory!


00:00 – Vegas Matt frustrated over missing bonus.
02:10 – Back to gameplay.
5:20 – EJ notices Vegas Matt’s Liberty Bell slot shirt.
10:10 – Explanation of Vegas Matt’s attire choice.
15:12 – Recollection of previous Buffalo Gold Collection jackpot win.
20:22 – Optimism about triggering bonus.
25:42 – Vegas Matt details game’s bonus features.
30:10 – Discussion about losses in session.