Check out these thrilling poker hands compilations on PokerStars! In one hand, David K flops quads against Ramon’s flush draw, taking the pot. Another sees Colonius bluff with a check-raise, catching out G. Elias’s fish hits trips but loses to Arunas Sabovich’s sneaky quads. Experience all the fun moments!


00:00 : Introduction to PokerStars channel.
00:17 : Flops quads, defeating flush draw.
02:31 : Colonius bluffs, losing to G’s weaker hand.
04:08 : Trips beat unexpected quads.
06:49 : Discussion on the surprising quads and hand breakdown.
07:34 : Shoves with Aces, resulting in flop quads.
09:08 : Commentary on Clemont’s preflop call and the outcome.
09:41 : Multi-player action with big preflop raises and strategic plays.
12:25 : Multi-way pot with various draws and board textures.
15:12 : Heads-up showdown leads to a crucial all-in decision.
17:08 : Commentary on the decision-making process.