Join Xposed and Dana White for thrilling high-stakes online Blackjack! Experience the excitement of $10,000 hands as they banter and compete. Don’t miss Dana’s anecdotes and Xposed’s praise for his kindness and care. Play now!


00:55 : Xposed and Dana White join for high-stakes Blackjack.
02:30 : Dana shares Vegas anecdotes and favorite hotels.
04:00 : Xposed praises Dana’s generosity and discusses viewer stories.
04:45 : They talk about the speed difference between online and physical Blackjack.
06:15 : Xposed celebrates wins, excitement growing.
07:00 : Dana discusses events and business while gaming.
07:45 : Xposed faces losses, Dana offers encouragement.
08:30 : They discuss future plans and Dana’s influence.