Join NG Slot (AKA Narek Gharibyan) on another exciting adventure playing a slot machine called Chica Bonita in a casino. He shares his experiences and strategies for betting at different amounts, with the goal of hitting the jackpot. Even though he wins some bonuses along the way, he remains hopeful to win the ultimate jackpot prize.


Join NG Slot for an exhilarating adventure with the Chica Bonita slot game!

00:03:37 – Thrilling bonus round huge win.
00:09:20 – Jaw-dropping win on Major jackpot.
00:10:25 – Switches to high bet
00:14:20 – Luck strikes
00:17:22 – Tension builds as NG nears Major jackpot.
00:22:20 – Despite efforts, NG faces defeat.