Get ready for a Fun poker match like no other, happening on PokerStars. Abhinav Iyer, Eric Sidell, and Dan Bilzerian, famous poker players, will face each other in a high-stakes heads-up match that will test their skills, strategy, and nerves. Watch the game unfold and experience the exciting maneuvers, actions, and victories of this epic clash between two titans, exclusively on PokerStars.


01:22 : Pre-flop: king8 vs pocket sevens.

 02:11 : Raises with Ace-Queen

03:02 : Check-raises on the turn.

04:12 : Wins with a flush on the river.

04:52 : Ace eight vs. six seven hearts.

06:00 : Wins with two pair.

06:42 : King Nine vs. Pocket tens