Join Matt Morrow and his son for an exciting session on Hot Flaming Pots Slot! They aim for the elusive triple pop bonus, starting with a $30 bet. As they increase their bets to $60 and then $100, the excitement builds. Although they face a loss initially, their luck turns. After some thrilling gameplay, they finally trigger the triple pop bonus round, leading to substantial winnings.


01:00 : Vegas Matt starts with Hot Flaming Pots, betting $30.
05:40 : Strategizing for triple pop bonus round success.
11:40 : Securing bonuses, discussing hole fill-ups.
17:10 : Another bonus prompts $40 bet strategy.
22:20 : New bonuses mean varied strategies.
26:00 : Jokes about “D-hole” while winning bonuses.
30:20 : Chasing bigger wins with $100 bet.
32:40 : Despite loss, happy with overall winnings.