Join Daniel Manachi (AKA VegasLowRoller) and his mom as they play the exciting slot game “HUFF N EVEN MORE PUFF!!” in search of the golden buzz saw symbol. Watch as Despite their efforts, they don’t find the golden buzz saw symbol.


00:00 – VegasLowRoller starts playing HUFF N EVEN MORE PUFF!!
01:05 – Anticipation for the Super Bonus symbol.
02:13 – Celebrating the first bonus win.
04:12 – Aim for the Golden Buzz Saw symbol.
07:56 – VegasLowRoller’s mom joins the game.
10:23 – Discovery of a double Wilds feature.
19:13 – Another bonus round achieved.
24:23 – Quest for the Super Buzz Saw symbol.
29:30 – Almost winning the Grand prize again.
31:03 – Considering ending the game.
31:42 – Opting for nine more spins.
32:53 – Farewell and thanks to viewers.