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Join Scott Richter (aka Raja) from The Big Jackpot Channel. They are playing a slot machine competition between Raja and David Wong. They are playing a slot machine game called Big Hot Flaming Pots. They are competing to see who can win the most money. Raja bets $59 per spin and starts to play. After a few spins, he starts to get worried because he is not winning any money. However, he eventually hits a bonus and starts to win some money. Will they achieve a jackpot win? Find out!


00:01 – Raja and David Wong are playing a slot machine game called Big Hot Flaming Pots.
01:02 – They are playing a best-of-three series with a winner-take-all all format.
01:50 – Raja is currently in the lead at 3,222 while David Wong trails behind at 1,500.
04:22 – David Wong needs to catch a bonus or something epic to win the challenge.
22:14 – Raja won the first challenge because he hit the Grand Dumpling jackpot.
22:50 – They are now playing another 10 spins to see who will win the second challenge.

Big Hot Flaming Pots Slot Machine

Big Hot Flaming Pots is an interesting slot machine for several reasons:

  1. Unique Theme: The game revolves around a culinary theme with flaming pots, delicious ingredients, and a charming chef character. This sets it apart from typical slot themes and adds a fun and engaging element to the gameplay.

  2. Stack N’ Hit Feature: This is the core feature of the game, where players try to land as many bun symbols as possible to win prizes. Filling a reel with buns removes them, offering more chances to land additional buns and potentially win a jackpot.

  3. Multiple Bonus Rounds: Big Hot Flaming Pots offers three exciting bonus rounds:

    • Yummy: Gives players four spins instead of three in the Stack N’ Hit feature.
    • Spicy: Uses peppers to increase the value of the buns.
    • Upsized: Gives players two arrays to play on instead of one.
  4. Multiple Features Can Trigger Simultaneously: Adding another layer of excitement, multiple Stack N’ Hit features can trigger at the same time, potentially leading to significant wins.

  5. Visually Appealing Design: The game boasts vibrant graphics and animations, creating an immersive and visually pleasing experience for players.

  6. Available on a New Cabinet: Big Hot Flaming Pots is available on Light & Wonder’s new Cosmic™ cabinet, offering a modern and enhanced gaming experience.

Overall, Big Hot Flaming Pots stands out due to its unique theme, engaging Stack N’ Hit feature, multiple bonus rounds, visually appealing design, and the potential for big wins. If you’re looking for a fun and rewarding slot machine with a unique twist, Big Hot Flaming Pots is worth checking out.

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