Join the exciting ride as you explore the world of high-stakes poker in this thrilling video on the World Poker Tour channel. Experience the rush as professional players compete in a live cash game, with plenty of intense moments and huge amounts of money on the line. Don’t miss out on the action and watch as the players battle it out for a chance to win big!


00:00 – Game On Unfolds at the high-stakes table.

02:00 – Dwan’s Domination: leads with a strong performance.

03:45 – Massive Pot Alert: A staggering pot worth ~$400,000 captivates the players.

05:50 – Professor’s Triumph: A thrilling river card secures the Professor’s victory.

08:00 – Brad’s Big Moment: Bad Brad celebrates a significant win with a full house.

10:35 – Victory: secures a hefty pot with Ace-Queen high.

12:50 – Mega All-In Teased: Anticipation builds as a monumental $537k all-in bet looms.

20:10 – Highlight Reel: More thrilling moments from the showdown.

22:35 – Epic Showdown: A monumental $537k all-in-hand promises excitement.

24:50 – Farewell: The video concludes, leaving viewers buzzing.