Watch a high-stakes poker game that’s part of the World Poker Tour. The winner of the game will walk away with a huge amount of money – over $870,000! At the start of the game, a player named Vanessa Russo has very few chips left, and decides to bet everything she has on a Queen-Ace card combination. Her opponent, Andrew Robel, has a King-Ace card combination. The game is intense and exciting, and it’s hard to tell who will come out on top!


00:00 – Intro: Final table introduced with over $870,000 top prize.

02:15 – Russo’s All-in Win: Vanessa Russo wins a key hand against Andrew Robel.

06:50 – Russo’s Reading Skills: Russo accurately reads Esfandiari’s bluff.

11:30 – Robel Gets Lucky: Andrew Robel beats Russo’s four-of-a-kind.

14:40 – Esfandiari’s All-in: Antonio Esfandiari goes all-in, wins with a higher card.

21:15 – Heads-Up Begins: Esfandiari and Robel start their championship match.

23:30 – Wins: Emerges as the champion.

25:50 – Outro: Recap of final table highlights concludes the video.