Join Mr. Purple Cobra and his friend Dennis as they try out a new roulette strategy called C-Breer at CEG Dealer School. The strategy involves betting $10 on the second and third group of 12 numbers on the roulette table, in hopes of winning $100 before starting over. They try the strategy multiple times and experience some ups and downs. Although the strategy isn’t foolproof, it can offer the chance of winning big. Mr. Purple Cobra suggests resetting more frequently to improve the chances of winning, making it a thrilling and exciting roulette adventure!


00 – Introduction to roulette strategy.
1:00 – Dennis discusses the strategy’s name origin.
2:20 – Testing Begins: The roulette adventure starts.
7:20 – Mr. Purple Win: Success.
8:20 – Risk Discussion.
10:20 – Conclusion: Rates C-Breer strategy and suggests enhancements.