Join for an exciting game of poker as the World Poker Tour brings you a thrilling cash game! With commentary by Jesse Sylvia and Gareth Hall, you’ll be able to follow all the action. The game starts with Garrett Adelstein, also known as Gman, taking the lead with a win using pocket Aces. Don’t miss out on this intense showdown on the World Poker Tour!


01:52 – Garrett wins big with pocket Aces.
04:52 – Gman takes a significant pot with trips Queens.
06:12 – Garrett secures another pot with a strategic river bet.
10:11 – Han surprises Gman with a bold all-in move.
13:22 – Garrett dominates again with top two pair.
18:12 – Soia wins with a flush draw against Santos.
21:22 – Sean triumphs pre-flop with Aces, defeating Santos.