Watch Jason Boehlke (AKA Mr. Hand Pay) who was playing a slot game called “Horses of Helios” made by Aristocrat at Hard Rock Rockford Casino. He really liked the game and explained some of its features to us, like the chance to win a lot of money with the cash across feature and the progressive jackpot. He bet different amounts of money. Mr. Hand Pay thought the game was really cool because it could pay out a lot of money, but he did mention that it could be tricky to win bonus rounds. Overall, he was happy with the game and thought it was a lot of fun to play.


00:00 – Mr. Hand Pay begins playing Horses and Helios at Hard Rock Rockford.

02:30 – $50 win with Cash Across feature.

04:20 – $320 win on a line hit.

10:30 – $1,700 hand pay.

12:15 – $85 win on five of a kind.

14:10 – $425 win on a line hit.

16:30 – Another $1,700 hand pay.

19:20 – Free spins bonus round triggered.

28:30 – Win on a line hit.