In this video, Jason Boehlke (AKA Mr. Hand Pay) tries out Lion Link at American Place Casino. Lion Link is a $2 denomination slot with a maximum bet of $100 per spin. The goal is to land six or more golden balls or dragon eggs to trigger the bonus round. Mr. Hand Pay notes that Lion Link is similar to Ultimate Fire Link but with lower volatility. Although he doesn’t see the free games with locking doors, he still enjoys the game and recommends it to others. Watch now!


00 – Introduction to Lion Link.
01:53 – Initial bonus round wins.
03:33 – Two consecutive bonus rounds yield.
07:22 – First-hand pay.
09:23 – Switches to Prosperous Rooster.
18:22 – Finally lands a hand pay.
21:22 – Attempts to trigger free spins on Lion Link.
23:23 – Scores in the final Prosperous Rooster bonus.
24:33 – Conclusion summarizes winnings.