QuickHundySlots Brings you a free play session on classic multi-card machines of Keno in Las Vegas, where the player bets $5 with a $20 initial investment. The session involves multiple spins with varying successes, ultimately converting the $275 free play into $263.50 after deducting the starting amount, showcasing a conversion rate close to 95%. Watch out now!


01:20 : Introduction and machine overview.

02:50 : Start of playing with free play credits.

04:20 : Discussion about adjusting volume and Kinogames.

05:20 : Running low on free play credits but still converting over 100%.

06:20 : Almost hitting the jackpot.

07:20 : Needing $50 more to convert 100% free play.

09:20 : Down to the last spins.

10:55 : Cashing out the free play, results, and conclusion.