QuickHundySlots is currently streaming from Palms Casino in Las Vegas, playing a game called Kino Star on slot machines. This streaming is a part of the 12 Streams of Christmas event and has been going on for 12 consecutive days. So, if you’re interested in watching some exciting gameplay, tune in to QuickHundySlots’ stream and enjoy the show!


00:01:00 – Janice greets audience and starts game.

00:05:40 – Announces membership giveaway to selected viewers.

00:08:10 – Expresses gratitude to members and promotes exclusive content.

00:10:10 – Mention of audience member Emma Clair by Rain Arburg.

00:42:20 – Plans to play two more sets of audience numbers.

00:45:40 – Last two days of the 12-stream series mentioned.

00:48:10 – Plays Mama Honey’s numbers as super chatter.

00:53:20 – Biggest hit of the day: $40 on a three spot.

00:57:20 – Thanks viewers and announces next stream