David (AKA CEG Dealer School), is teaching his friend Isaac how to play Keno. David is considered an expert in Keno and he explains to Isaac how the game works. There are different types of Keno games available at the Strat, including regular Keno, 4-card Keno, 20-card Keno, Caveman Keno, and Cleo. David also explains how to place bets on Keno and how the payouts work.


01:40 : Introduction and gratitude to the Strat hotel and casino.
04:22 : Explanation of Kino game rules and variations.
10:22 : Instructions on how to place bets on Kino.
15:33 : David demonstrates his strategies while playing Kino.
18:22 : Overview of Cleocatra game rules.
21:58 : David’s gameplay session with Cleocatra.