In the video, Jason Boehlke (AKA Mr. Hand Pay) takes on the slot game “America’s Rich Life” at American Place. He explains the game’s rules, with the 10-cent denomination and a $25 maximum bet. The game boasts four bonus features: Mini, Minor, Major, and Grand bonuses. To activate the wheel feature, players need six or more Statue of Liberty symbols. Mr. Hand Pay returns to America’s Rich Life, hitting another bonus round via the Haywire feature, winning $1,635. Feeling the volatility, he moves on to another game, acknowledging America’s Rich Life’s potential but preferring a change of scenery.


00:01 : Mr. Hand Pay starts playing America’s Rich Life Luxury Nights.
02:10 : First bonus round triggered by the Eagle symbol.
04:20 : The second bonus round triggered naturally.
08:20 : Third Haywire feature wins $468.
10:10 : The Fourth Haywire feature leads to another big win.
15:13 : Free spins triggered with Haywire’s help.
20:30 : The third round of free spins results in a $1635 handpay.
22:20 : Mr. Hand Pay ends with mixed feelings about the game