Mr. Hand Pay Brings, Jason Raymond playing Blackjack. His goal is to win $20,000. He starts by betting $500 on two hands and wins. Then, he decides to increase his bets to $1,500 per hand and goes on a winning streak, winning on hands. During the game, he has some good moments, like getting a really good hand that pays out well, but he also has some bad moments where he loses some money. Watch now


00:42 : Jason starts with aiming for big wins.

04:52 : Faces early setback.

06:21 : Increases bets per hand and triumphs.

07:22 : Scores victory by splitting 7s against 2s.

09:43 : Lands Blackjack at $2,000 per hand.

10:50 : Persists with bets despite losses.

12:08 : Luck turns, winning big.

14:38 : Secures victories per hand.

16:51 : Decides to quit, Jason ends the game.