In this thrilling slot adventure on the VegasLowRoller channel, Daniel dives into the Buffaloes game with $100. He racks up numerous wins, including a whopping $250, but ends up with only $2. Along the way, he humorously attributes his decisions to his “gambling butt,” ultimately commending it for sparing him from complete loss. Join the excitement of this casino filled with big wins and unexpected twists!


00:00 – VegasLowRoller starts with Buffalo Stampede.

02:12 – Lands a bonus but misses big wins.

04:22 – Another bonus chance with $500 potential, but no luck.

10:25 – Keeps chasing big wins with more bonuses.

12:13 – Near big win with five nines, falls short.

13:37 – Close to a major win but reels stop accidentally.

16:13 – Switches games after near misses.

17:42 – Almost wins big on a penny slot.

19:23 – Continues hoping for a significant win.