Embark on a thrilling Blackjack journey with Cody Burnett on his YouTube channel, Xposed. With high hopes and $100,000, Cody aims for an $800,000 jackpot. Witness his rollercoaster of emotions as he interacts with viewers, accuses the dealer of cheating, and celebrates his $150,000 win.


0:50: Cody Burnett starts $100,000 Blackjack aiming for $800,000.
1:40: Mixed results as Cody handles high-stakes Blackjack.
2:30: Cody’s wins fuel his energetic gameplay.
3:20: Rough patch leads Cody to question dealer’s integrity.
4:00: Bold bets reflect Cody’s approach amidst balance swings.
4:50: Winning streak reignites Cody’s enthusiasm for Blackjack.
5:45: Losses dampen mood, but Cody remains determined.
6:35: Accusations of dealer cheating escalate emotions.
7:20: Smaller victories provide respite amid tension.
8:05: Frustration peaks with big loss; Cody blames dealer.
8:50: Cody adjusts betting strategy while interacting with chat.