Join a guy named Jason (Aka Mr. Hand Pay) at Hard Rock Rockford Casino as he plays a slot machine game called Dragon Link. He’s hoping to win a really big prize! He’s really excited and shows off the game, telling us about the chance to win $888,888.88. After playing for a bit, he wins a smaller prize during a special part of the game and decides to bet more money. He plays again, but doesn’t win the really big prize. Even so, he’s happy with how things went and had a good time.


00:01:10 : Mr. Hand Pay targets the $888,888.88 jackpot.

00:02:37 : Builds anticipation with a 50-cent bet, dreaming big.

00:03:10 : Machine payout structure before bonus round excitement.

00:04:32 : Raises stakes to $6.25 per spin for more thrills.

00:05:22 : Increases bet to $25 per spin for added excitement.

00:06:37 : Adjusts strategy to 10 cents for calculated play.

00:07:42 : Resumes $50 per spin bets for maximum thrill.

00:09:22 : Peaks of excitement with two significant handpays ($1550, $1900).

00:11:12 : Enters the bonus round on Panda Magic Dragon Link.