Witness Cody Burnett’s intense Blackjack adventure on Xposed! With $50,000 bets on each seat, experience the rollercoaster of wins and losses. In the end, Cody secures a monumental victory, dominating the game and showcasing his gambling prowess. Tune in for the excitement and thrills!


00:45: Cody starts with $50,000 bets, sharing high-energy strategy.
1:30: Mixed results initially, but Cody stays upbeat.
2:15: Despite losses, Cody remains composed.
3:05: Winning streak boosts Cody’s spirits.
3:50: Cody takes calculated risks, ups the ante.
4:40: Frustration during cold streak, but Cody stays determined.
5:25: Cody adjusts strategy for cautious recovery.
6:15: Small wins restore confidence after tough run.
7:00: More losses test Cody’s resolve.
7:45: Cody strategizes with chat for game adjustments.
8:30: Cody sees improvements, adapts to challenges.
9:15: Despite setbacks, Cody takes breather for mental clarity.