Watch this exciting video from the American Place Casino in Wan as Jason Boehlke (AKA Mr. Hand Pay) takes us on a thrilling adventure to win big on the slot machines. He starts by playing Bull Blitz at a $1 bet, and although he gets a bonus round with six free spins, he doesn’t hit the jackpot. This video is full of excitement and shows the thrill of winning big on slot machines. Join Mr. Hand Pay on his quest to hit the jackpot and experience the thrill of victory!


00:01 – Introduces Bull Blitz, Its bonus rounds, and potential wins.
01:55 – Excitement builds as the Bull Blitz feature is triggered, yielding a Big win.
02:32 – Adapting strategy, he switches to a new machine after a modest win.
04:22 – Disappointment ensues as Roses and Riches feature fails to deliver any winnings.
14:40 – Jackpot joy strikes with a $1,440 win on a new machine.
18:22 – Returning to Bull Blitz for more action after trying other machines.
22:33 – Bull Blitz feature triggered again.
29:12 – Strategy shift to a $40 bet yields a massive Bull Blitz feature round.
33:42 – Last machine played results concluding the session