Alex Kim, CEG Dealer School, has introduced a new roulette strategy called the “3 Chinese Guys” strategy. This approach involves placing $30 bets on the black color pocket of the roulette wheel. If you win, you gain $30, but if you lose, you then place a $15 bet on a dozen. The goal is to achieve three consecutive black wins to earn a profit. Although Alex had to reload his bets eight times to win $450, he believes that this strategy is effective and recommends trying it with three $30 bets.


00 :- Palace Station meetup announced for Patreon supporters
01:05 :- Introduction of “Three Chinese Guys Love CEG” roulette system
04:20 :- Discussion on system’s benefits and compounding
06:10 :- Testing continues, experiences loss
08:10 :- Further discussion on system and color aversion
10:20 :- Testing continues
12:10 :- Final attempt at system