Watch the World Championship final table, Jesse Sylvia and Chris Hanson provide exciting commentary. The action kicks off with Daniel Sepel going all-in with a King-Three, facing Andrew Phaeton’s pocket Kings. Another memorable hand unfolds between Chris Moorman and Georgios Sotiropoulos, where Moorman’s top two pair is bested by Sotiropoulos’s straight. Don’t miss the intense showdowns and strategic moves on display in this World Poker Tour showdown!


00:00 – Meet the commentators Jesse Sylvia and Chris Hanson.

02:05 – Sepel’s Bold Move: straight with a daring move.

05:40 – Moorman’s Risky Play: Aggressive move is trumped.

08:15 – Sepel’s Strategy: Sepel showcases strategic discipline.

14:10 – Intriguing Hand: Witness intense gameplay.

17:25 – Pre-Flop Action: High-stakes maneuvers intensify before the flop.

23:30 – Turn and River Drama: Crucial moments unfold with revealed turn and river cards.

25:55 – All-In Moment: Tension peaks as a player risks everything with an all-in move.

27:40 – Final Showdown: The ultimate hand determines the tournament winner.