Join Scott Richter (aka Raja) from The Big Jackpot Channel. He is playing a slot game called Unwooly Riches Slots by Konami at Peppermill Casino in Reno. starts by placing a bet of $3750. He wins a little bit here and there, but overall he loses money in the beginning. Eventually, he triggers the bonus round. Will he achieve a jackpot win? Find out!


00:00 – Intro by Raja and explained the game
01:05 – Playing the Unly Riches Sugar slot
10:20 – Switching to the Unly Riches Spice slot and hitting the jackpot
19:20 – Talking about favorite look-alike games from other companies
21:20 – Ending and Wrap up

Unwooly Riches Slots by Konami

Unwooly Riches slots by Konami is an interesting slot machine for several reasons:

  1. Unique Theme: The game features a whimsical theme with adorable sheep and goat characters, Sugar and Spice, who playfully compete for the player’s attention. This lighthearted and fun theme sets it apart from many other slot machines.

  2. Engaging Gameplay: Unwooly Riches offers a variety of bonus features, including re-spins, double re-spins, free games, super free games, and random multipliers up to 25x. These features keep the gameplay exciting and provide many opportunities to win.

  3. Proven Mechanics: The game incorporates proven mechanics from Konami’s popular Stuffed Coins™ series, which has consistently ranked high in industry reports. This suggests that players are likely to find the game mechanics familiar and enjoyable.

  4. High-Quality Graphics and Animation: The game boasts visually appealing graphics and animations that enhance the overall gaming experience. The characters are animated in a fun and humorous way, adding to the game’s charm.

  5. Linked Progressive Jackpot: Unwooly Riches is a linked progressive jackpot series, meaning the jackpot grows across multiple machines. This offers the potential for players to win substantial prizes.

  6. Available on Multiple Platforms: The game is available on both Konami’s standard and big-screen portrait machines, giving players flexibility in choosing their preferred format.

Overall, Unwooly Riches combines a unique theme, engaging gameplay, proven mechanics, high-quality visuals, and the potential for big wins, making it a compelling and interesting slot machine for players.