Join Scott Richter (aka Raja) from The Big Jackpot Channel. he is is playing a new slot game called The Vault. He feels like he has been on a losing streak lately and is hoping for a win. He starts by playing the max bet of $24 on the Vault game. He wins a few coins here and there, but nothing major. He eventually gets the Haywire feature, which multiplies his winnings by 10x. This helps him to win a decent amount of money. . Will he achieve a jackpot win? Find out!


00:10 :- Raja talks about thanking his subscribers and reaching almost 1 million subscribers
01:02 :- He starts introducing the game The Vault
02:52 :- Gets the biggest win of $552
13:22 :- Breaks the Vault and gets $680
16:14 :- He hits a jackpot of over $2500
17:54 :- Talks about his big jackpot

The Vault Slot Game

The Vault is a popular slot machine series by Everi, known for its exciting gameplay and unique features. Here’s what makes it interesting:

  1. Community-Style Play: The Vault features a community-style bonus where players on the bank of machines participate together. This creates a social and interactive experience, enhancing the excitement as everyone works towards a common goal.

  2. Diamond Rush Bonus: This thrilling bonus involves players collecting diamonds and potentially stealing them from others on the bank. This competitive element adds a layer of strategy and anticipation to the gameplay.

  3. Multiple Themes: The Vault series offers various themes like Egypt Gems, China Blessings, Vegas Luck, Titan’s Fortune, and Shamrock Gold. Each theme features unique visuals and bonus rounds, catering to diverse player preferences.

  4. Lock and Respin Feature: The Empty the Vault Respin feature is a classic mechanic that adds another layer of potential winnings. Players can lock symbols and respin for a chance to trigger bigger payouts.

  5. High-Performing Platform: The Vault is typically found on the Empire Arena banked product, known for its high performance and engaging features. This platform enhances the overall gaming experience with its smooth operation and immersive graphics.

  6. Proven Popularity: The Vault series has been featured on various slot machine channels on YouTube, such as The Big Payback, showcasing its popularity among players and content creators alike.

Overall, The Vault slot machine stands out due to its community-style play, diverse themes, exciting bonus features, and high-performing platform. If you’re looking for a fun and interactive slot machine experience, The Vault is worth checking out.