Experience the final table of high stakes poker Daniel Arsham Celebrity Invitational, with expert commentary throughout. Watch as Daniel Aram’s blunder costs him dearly, followed by Neil’s. Don’t miss the intense showdowns and strategic moves on display in this World Poker Tour showdown!


02:30 – Arsham’s Bold Move: Daniel Arsham’s risky call.
05:10 – Crushing Defeat: Exits in 4th place with a devastating hand.
10:30 – Dramatic Exit: Bows out in 3rd place after a tense flush.
15:40 – Strategic Insights: offers analysis on players’ tactics.
20:50 – Climactic Moments: Anticipation builds as the showdown.
23:20 – Decisive Hand: The ultimate hand determines the winner.
25:55 – Victory: Win with a powerhouse hand.