Join Jamie Staples and Nick Schulman for an intense moment in the WPT World Championship Day 5! Enrique faces a nerve-wracking decision with Ace-Queen suited against Jason’s pocket fours. With his tournament life on the line, Enrique makes a daring flip call. The commentators delve into the high-stakes action, analyzing the risks and rewards of this thrilling move. Don’t miss this gripping showdown on the World Poker Tour!


01:05 – Mii raises with Ace-Queen suited, defeating Jason’s pocket fours.
04:25 – Fox shoves with Ace-Six suited, but Max wins with pocket threes.
09:20 – Mark calls Bogden’s all-in with pocket nines, emerging victorious.
11:15 – Black Jack clinches with three jacks on the flop.
12:20 – James wins with pocket Jacks under the gun.
13:30 – Mustache Mark calls all-in with deuces, defeating Cedric.
15:40 – Cedric loses with Ace-Queen suited to Enrique.