Join Jason Boehlke (AKA Mr. Hand Pay) as he hits the Blackjack tables at American Place Casino in Wan Illinois. He shares tips, strategies, and his own experiences playing the game. Throughout the video, Jason engages in multiple Blackjack sessions, with bets reaching up to $1500 per hand. By the end, he’s up $150, showcasing his skills and luck. watch now


00:01 – Introduces Bull Blitz, its bonus rounds and potential wins.
01:55 – Excitement peaks with a big win triggered by the Bull Blitz feature.
04:22 – Roses and Riches feature.
22:33 – Bull Blitz feature triggered again, adding to the excitement.
29:12 – Massive win of a Bull Blitz feature round with a $40 bet strategy.
33:42 – Session concludes after playing the last machine.