Join Vegas Matt and his buddy EJ as they try their luck on the new Dragon Train slot machine! Armed with $5,000, they dive into the game, hoping for a jackpot. Despite some initial wins, their luck takes a downturn. Undeterred, they discuss slot strategies and urge viewers to Like. In a nail-biting finish.


00:00 : Vegas Matt introduces the Dragon Train slot game.

02:10 : Exploring game features like symbols and free games bonus.

10:20 : Celebrating victorious bonus round.

15:10 : Reflecting on the game’s potential profitability.

20:20 : Experiencing setbacks with significant losses.

25:20 : Hitting the jackpot with an impressive bonus round win.

30:10 : Analyzing winnings and refining strategy.

33:20 : Signing off with final thoughts.