Join NG on an exhilarating journey through various slot machines, including Dragon Link, Superman, Panda Magic, Jaguar, Cash Collect, and the elusive 1215 Bonus Slot. After losing $20,000 on Superman yesterday, NG is determined to recoup his losses. Despite his efforts on Dragon Link, where he activated the fast-play option at midnight, NG ultimately ends up losing $7,300. Watch as he navigates the highs and lows of slot gaming in search of that elusive major jackpot!”


08 – NG Slots introduces Chasing MILLION DOLLAR
10 – NG Slots plays Dragon Link Slot.
1:50 – Dragon Link jackpot: watch $1,875 payout.
8:16 – NG Slots joins Nick, watch Autumn Moon slots action.
10:30 – Watch jackpot win: $2,150 on Dragon Link Slot.
17:15 – Nick’s  Autumn Moon Slot massive win: $3,750.
21:27 – watch NG Slot’s big bet on GAME NAME: $2,500!!