Experience the electrifying EPT Paris 2024 final table highlights on PokerStars! Barney Boatman showcases his poker prowess, making strategic plays and scoring big wins. From intense hands to jaw-dropping hero calls, every moment is packed with excitement. Join the action-packed showdowns and thrilling gameplay on the PokerStars channel now!


00:02 : Barney joins with 10-8 Spades against Army Bara’s raise.

02:13 : Eric’s Kings face off against Barney’s Jack-Ten suited.

03:20 : Lands a jackpot with Jack-Eight-Three.

04:00 : Gutsy call with Jack-Ten suited stuns Afriat’s Kings.

05:20 : Barney’s trip Queens make Calman squirm in a blind showdown.

06:20 : Barney’s full house rattles Calman as tension escalates.

07:20 : Calman’s raised, but Barney’s all-in forces him to fold.

08:20 : Daring three-bet with Jack-Deuce keeps the heat on Eric.

09:20 : Jack-Nine-Six flop sets the stage for strategic moves.

10:20 : Barney’s all-in puts Eric’s pair of Nines to the test.

11:20 : Calman sizes up Barney’s chips.

12:20 : Barney seals the win with a Queen on the river!