Alex Kim (AKA CEG Dealer School) Brings strategies for playing Keno on game king machines, focusing on patterns, denominations, and paybacks. It highlights the importance of selecting machines with higher paybacks and delves into Alex’s preferred casinos for Keno play. Additionally, he explores betting strategies like odd credit denominations and the significance of machine selection in relation to winning.


00 – Alex Kim introduces the video.

2:11 – Introduction to various Game King machines.

3:42 – Tips on choosing the right machine.

7:42 – Discussion on favorite casinos and machines.

11:22 – Explanation of compounding numbers strategy.

21:22 – Explanation of wide patterns strategy.

32:42 – Last 10 line play strategy.

38:22 – Countdown for the big win.

49:12 – Conclusion and wrapping up.