In this PokerStars video, 6 top poker players: Fabiano Kovalski, Maria Ho, Alexandra Botez, Sam Grafton, Griffin Benger, and Parker Talbot (Tonkaaaa) all battling for the 10th hand, the bomb pot. tackle a daring challenge: winning nine consecutive hands. Griffin bravely takes on the task, aiming for a shot at the coveted “bomb pot.”  Stay tuned to find out! Don’t forget to like for more thrilling poker content!


00:00 :- Introduction: Griffin sets the challenge to win all nine hands.

00:30 :- Tension rises as the turn reveals an eight.

00:40 :- Sam takes a risk with a bold river bet.

00:45 :- Victory: Folds, granting a win.

00:50 :-  Dominates the game with strategic moves.