Join Francine on an exciting adventure at the slot machine games in Lady Luck HQ. She sets her sights on winning a massive $1.3 million jackpot and takes on the Mr. Panda slots game with determination. Francine hopes to match three lanterns or six fireballs to hit it big. Later, she tries her luck at Lucky Ducky, where she pursues matching six pigs or three bangs for a chance at glory. Watch as Francine’s thrilling gameplay keeps you on the edge of your seat throughout her exciting journey.


00:01 – Chasing $1.3M jackpot on Mr. Panda slots!
01:04 – Quest for 3 lanterns or 6 fireballs on Mr. Panda.
02:12 – Switching machines!
05:04 – Exploring the Piggies themed slot adventure!
09:22 – Jackpot tease with a machine glitch!
10:33 – Strategic decisions
12:13 – Switching to a new Piggies themed slot!