Join Francine Maric (AKA Lady Luck HQ), on an exciting adventure to win big at the Hop and Pop slot machine. With the chance to win huge jackpots, they use different strategies and techniques in the hope of hitting it big. During their journey, they share helpful tips and tricks while trying their luck with different spins and bet amounts.


00:30 : Exciting intro, explaining game.
02:00 : Initial spins, showcasing bets and wins.
03:30 : Strategy talk, contemplating changes for luck.
05:00 : More spins, anticipation building.
13:20 : Switching with piggy bank-themed slots.
17:00 : Gameplay and debate on switching slots.
19:00 : Nearing, discussing winnings’ use.
20:20 : Continued play, betting and hoping for jackpot luck.