Get ready for some jaw-dropping moments in PokerStars’ video showcasing the most incredible suckouts of 2023! From Sid Stricker’s clutch queen-high river to Delaney’s gutsy check-raise, this compilation is packed with heart-stopping action. Watch as Alexander Shilko pulls off a miraculous straight on the river, leaving opponents stunned. And who could forget Silvan Looser’s epic comeback with a jaw-dropping jack-high straight against Axoy’s ace-high flush? Don’t miss out on these unbelievable moments!


00 :- Introduction

00:15 :- Plante vs. Sydenstricker 

01:10 :- Rahou vs Laugt 

02:54 :- Jorgne vs. Delaney 

06:28 :- Pizzari vs. Shylko 

08:14 :-  Loosli vs Lonis