In the thrilling finale of PokerStars’ Mystery Cash Challenge, Fabiano Kovalski, Maria Ho, Alexandra Botez, Sam Grafton, Griffin Benger and Parker Talbot (Tonkaaaa) all battling for the 10th hand, the bomb pot. Griffin Benger steals the spotlight with his aggressive play, winning multiple hands in under 5 seconds and clinching mystery rewards. The tension mounts as Griffin’s bold moves keep everyone on edge. Don’t miss the excitement on PokerStars’ final episode!


00:00 :- Mystery Cash Challenge finale introduces $5k prize and more.

00:45 :- Explains the “5-second rule” for quick wins and bonuses.

01:20 :- Meet Griffin Benger and his aggressive gameplay strategy.

02:30 :- Quick win earns a mystery prize token.

03:45 :- Hosts discuss Griffin’s bold tactics and their impact.

04:20 :- Collects more wins, gaining additional mystery tokens.

06:35 :- Mid-game leaderboard check-in shows Alex Botez in the lead.

09:00 :- Final standings reveal tournament winners and losers.

10:10 :- Unveils his mystery prize!