Join Daniel Manachi (AKA VegasLowRoller) and his mom for a thrilling slot adventure at Circa Casino! They start with Iron Horse, scoring small wins. Watch The duo experience ups and downs but enjoy the thrill of the game overall. Don’t miss the excitement and big wins with Daniel and his mom!


00:00 – Introduction by VegasLowRoller, setting the stage for the game.
01:00 – VegasLowRoller secures an exciting bonus, eyeing the jackpot.
04:22 – Rollercoaster gameplay ensues with wins and losses.
10:22 – Another bonus round ignites hopes for the jackpot.
15:12 – Persistence leads to more wins and near-misses.
20:22 – Renewed excitement with yet another bonus round.
32:47 – Transition to “Lou’s Gold” slot machine.
36:27 – VegasLowRoller concludes, expressing gratitude.