Join Daniel Manachi (AKA VegasLowRoller) at Green Valor Ranch as he takes on the thrilling Huff and Puffs slot machine. Starting with a $100 bet, he triggers a bonus round and embarks on a rollercoaster of $6 spins. Along the way. Experience the excitement with Daniel on his VegasLowRoller channel!


00:01 – Introduction to the slot machine game by Daniel.

01:00 – Lands Super Buzz Saw bonus with two cabins.

02:12 – Scores Three Hats bonus with a super mansion.

04:22 – Bags two more cabins in Super Buzz Saw bonus.

05:20 – Snags mansion and six cabins in Three Hats bonus.

10:10 – Experiences Major Mega Hat Time bonus.

11:12 – Changes betting denomination to dimes.

12:15 – Wins big with a mansion and six cabins in Three Hats bonus.

14:12 – Adds $40 to winnings in Major bonus.

15:12 – Tries luck in Lumberjack Pig bonus.

16:20 – Modifies betting amount to $2.

35:27 – Daniel concludes, thanking viewers.