Join Daniel Manachi (AKA VegasLowRoller) and his mom as they embark on a thrilling slot adventure! Starting with the game Tiger, they score an impressive win. Moving on to Eggs, they hit a spectacular triple pop jackpot. Their winning streak continues with exciting wins on various games, including Dumplings and Dam.


00:00 – Daniel begins gaming and promoting merch.
01:45 – Lands a triple pop jackpot while playing Eggs.
03:17 – Scores a jackpot while playing Dumplings.
07:05 – Switches to $0.75 denomination.
10:23 – Mom hits a triple pop jackpot.
12:13 – Returns to Eggs game.
15:13 – Mom hits another triple pop bonus.
19:18 – Increases bet to $10 until $400.
22:13 – Mom plays at a $10 bet.
25:23 – Discusses back-to-back triple pops.