Join Cody on Xposed for a $400,000 BONUS OPENING SESSION + BLACKJACK! Follow Cody’s journey from slot machines to Blackjack, experiencing the highs and lows of gambling excitement. Don’t miss out on the thrill!


1:30 : Teases $400k bonus, hinting at jackpot wins.
2:15 : Starts slots for big wins.
3:00 : Expect significant win, but luck wavers.
4:35 : Wins offer brief relief.
5:20 : Efforts in slots decline.
6:00 : Shifts to Blackjack for a turnaround.
6:45 : A mix of wins and losses adds suspense.
7:30 : Frustration mounts with scarce victories.
8:15 : Ups bets, hoping for luck.