Join Narek Gharibyan from the NG Slot Channel at the Yaamava Casino in Las Vegas as he plays the Dollar Storm slot machine. He initially bets $50 and earns a little over 2,000 points. He then increases the bet amount to $500 to try to hit the major jackpot, which is 39,000 points. However, he is not able to hit the jackpot and only earns 4,350 points. Next, NG Slot switches to another slot machine game, Powerful Emperor Treasure. He starts with a $5 bet and gets five points. He then increases the bet amount to $150 and again gets five points. He keeps increasing the bet amount and playing the game. Don’t miss out on the action. Tune in now and join the fun!


11 – Starts playing Dollar Storm slot machine, aiming for the major jackpot of $39,000
1:05 – Starts playing Super Spin hoping to get the major jackpot
2:20 – Switches back to Dollar Storm
3:00 – Wins a jackpot with 5 points
3:40 – Increases the bet amount to $50 per spin
4:20 – Wins again with 5 points
5:00 – Lowers the bet amount to $150 per spin
6:20 – Increases the bet amount to $250 per spin
7:40 – Triggers the bonus round
8:20 – Loses the bonus round
8:40 – Complains that the payouts are horrible
9:20 – Starts playing another slot machine hoping to get the super Grand jackpot

Dollar Storm slot machine

Dollar Storm is a series of exciting slot machine games developed by Aristocrat Gaming. It’s known for its diverse themes, Hold & Spin feature, and the chance to win big jackpots.

Key Features:

  • Hold & Spin: This feature is triggered when specific symbols (usually coins or special symbols) land on the reels. Players are awarded respins, and any new triggering symbols that land reset the respin count. The goal is to fill all reel positions with these symbols to win the Grand Jackpot.
  • Free Games: Many Dollar Storm games offer free spins with additional features like multipliers or retriggers.
  • Multiple Themes: The Dollar Storm series includes various themes like Egyptian Gold, Ninja Moon, Caribbean Gold, and more, each with its unique symbols and bonus features.

Where to Play:

You can find Dollar Storm slot machines in many casinos worldwide and in some online casinos as well.

Interesting Facts:

  • Dollar Storm is the successor to the popular Lightning Link and Dragon Link slot machines.
  • The games often feature a Super Grand Chance feature, a unique bonus that adds an element of mystery and excitement.