Join Narek Gharibyan from the NG Slot Channel at the high-stakes casino in Las Vegas as he is playing Diamond Queen, a slot game. He is excited about the possibility of winning a big jackpot. He wins 5,000 very quickly and decides to raise the bet amount to $1. He then wins another 8,000 within a few spins. He gets another bonus and wins $10,000. Don’t miss out on the action. Tune in now and join the fun!


00:40 – NG Slot starts by inserting his card
01:10 – Starts playing Diamond Queen slot game at $0.60 per bet
03:30 – Raises the bet amount to $1
04:50 – Triggers another bonus round
06:00 – Wins 10,000 in the bonus round
08:10 – Raises the bet amount to $200
09:20 – Triggers another bonus round
10:30 – Wins 11,400 in the bonus round
12:40 – Decides to cash out

Diamond Queen Slot game

Diamond Queen is a popular slot game developed by IGT (International Game Technology). It’s known for its classic theme, simple gameplay, and the potential for big wins through its free spins and multiplier features.

Key Features:

  • Free Spins: Triggered by landing three or more bonus symbols, players are awarded free spins with the potential for retriggers.
  • Multipliers: During free spins, multipliers can increase the value of wins, leading to bigger payouts.
  • Wild Symbol: The Diamond Queen symbol acts as a wild, substituting for other symbols to create winning combinations.
  • 20 Paylines: The game offers 20 paylines, increasing the chances of winning.
  • Multiple Denominations: Diamond Queen is available in various denominations, catering to different player budgets.

Where to Play:

You can find Diamond Queen in many casinos across the United States and other countries. It’s also available online at select online casinos.

Interesting Facts:

  • Diamond Queen is a classic game that has been around for several years, maintaining its popularity due to its straightforward gameplay and potential for big wins.
  • The game’s popularity has spawned numerous versions and variations, each with its unique features and themes.
  • Many players have shared their big wins and exciting experiences with Diamond Queen on YouTube, contributing to its widespread appeal.