LiveCasinoguy shares his thrilling experience of playing Blackjack in a casino. He takes us through the highs and lows of his gambling session, where he played multiple hands, won some, and lost some. His ultimate aim was to reach a $10,000 goal, but he also emphasized the importance of setting limits and enjoying the game without expecting to consistently win money. Reading his account, you’ll feel the adrenaline rush and the emotional fluctuations that come with playing a game of chance in a casino.


00:08 – Switches to Crazy Time from Blackjack.

00:30 – Accuses dealer of cheating, expressing frustration.

01:00 – Wins a hand, feeling lucky.

05:00 – Reflects on past gambling addiction.

07:00 – Offers advice on gambling addiction.

10:00 – Discuss setting limits for responsible gambling.

18:00 – Frustrated after losing a hand.

35:00 – Achieves the goal, celebrating last hand win.