Join the unforgettable experience at the PokerStars tournament, where players showcase some jaw-dropping moments as they hit quads – which means landing four-of-a-kind hands! You’ll witness multiple instances of players hitting quads in intense poker hands, leading to dramatic showdowns and massive wins. Whether you’re a poker enthusiast or just looking for some thrilling action, PokerStars is the perfect place for non-stop excitement and unbelievable hands.


07 – Carrie Kats lands quads against Justin Bonamo.
3:22 – Neilson surprises with quad aces against Girelli.
5:42 – Kaito Nagasaki dominates with quad nines.
8:52 – David Benelli triumphs with quads against Juan Guerrero.
11:22 – Benny Spindler crushes with quads against Alex Gomes.