Check out the latest video of the World Poker Tour. It’s an intense game with professional players Mickey, Wesley, and Charles battling it out for a huge prize of $75,000. The game is all about skill, strategy, and psychological tactics. You’ll see players making big bets, creating massive pots, and experiencing both wins and losses. Even if you’re not a poker expert, you’ll be on the edge of your seat watching these high-stakes games where anything can happen.


00:00 – Star-studded cash game with $75,000 on the line.

02:05 – Tension rises between Mickey and Wesley.

08:30 – Mickey wins with a river card miracle against Charles.

13:15 – Mariano secures a massive pot against tough competition.

15:40 – Commentators provide expert analysis.

18:20 – Atmosphere lightens with amusing banter.

21:10 – Thrilling energy and intense vibes at the table.

23:45 – Highlight reel showcases memorable moments.